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Service Specification

This is the service specification for the cloud service AI Review


The service is provided via a REST API available from a customer specific entry point (URL). The service can also available for manual trigger of the REST API via a Web browser.

The service contains administrative interfaces that can be accessed from a web browser


The service does automatic analysis of technical drawings and CAD files based on rules and data.


The Service is hosted with professional hosting providers in Sweden and Europe, or on premise at the customers IT infrastructure. Since we have zero-downtime deployments in place for our own services, we target the same uptime of 99.3 % as offered by the professional hosting providers.


The Service does not have any recurring maintenance windows, since features and updates are continuously deploy while the platform is up and running. In the event of planned downtime, it will be communicated well ahead of time and kept as short as possible. Planned downtime does not typically occur more than once or twice per year.


In the event of a disaster, we aim to have all services up and running again within 48 hours (RTO).

Supported file formats

The Service handles import and export of the following file formats:

Import: PDF, STEP
Export: PDF

Additional file formats are available through third-party converters


The Service can be integrated with other services through various APIs.