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Use AI to review your drawings

We’ve developed a system that reads technical drawings with AI technique and with this technique there are many possibilities! One example is to review drawings automatically. By having an AI that reviews your drawings before a engineer reviews them you get:
  • Better quality on your drawings
  • More effecient design process
  • A happier engineering team

Produce better drawings faster

Similar to how other AI systems find people, dogs, and cars in images, the AI Review system finds objects, symbols and information in drawings. Using extensive knowledge of CAD, and experience from reviewing tens of thousands of drawings, it raises alerts when a drawing contains errors. It’s like having a senior engineer that’s always ready to review your drawings, at any hour and any day of the year.

With more than 50 standard rules available, you can get started quickly. If like most of our customers you also want rules custom to your organisation, we’re happy to help tailor rules to your design policies or derive rules from your historical data using machine learning.

Using AI Review

Once a design is ready for review, the AI Review system checks it, finding errors and ensuring that the design follows your company design guidelines. Errors found are annotated in the drawing and summarised in a report.

AI Review can either be integrated with your PLM system or business system, or be used as a stand-alone web-based application.

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