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What is the best way to develop a product that effectively solves real problems? We believe it’s by collaborating directly with our users. That’s why we’ve developed our Proof-of-Concept for drawing review in collaboration with Siemens Energy and Väderstad AB.

Our AI system can interpret drawings and CAD files to then build automated processes around the content. This can be applied in many ways. Together with Siemens Energy and Väderstad, we were able to examine the impact of integrating this type of technology into review processes in development departments to ‘teach’ the assistant to identify common errors and discover best practices for various types of projects. We conducted several interviews with staff from Siemens Energy and Väderstad to gather different perspectives. In joint meetings with both companies, we were able to collectively compare their processes.

Applying our technology to the review process has proven to be a real time-saver, leading to faster R&D processes for the entire organization.

Thomas Wiktorsson, Senior Vice President at Siemens Energy, commented on our results:

– T&S has demonstrated their competence throughout the process and has been responsive and flexible in meeting our requirements and wishes. The solution we’re currently looking at will contribute in several ways, both improving quality and increasing our productivity.

The AI Review system has been in use at the companies since 2021. It’s been incredibly exciting and important for our development to see how our product can impact major companies like Siemens Energy and Väderstad AB, as well as to learn exactly what type of services and features they value.