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At T&S Engineering Intelligence we are delighted to have Väderstad AB as one of our first customers. Väderstad is one of the world’s leading companies in soil cultivation, seeding, and precision planting. They have successfully utilized AI Review to save time and resources during the design and manufacturing process.

The AI Review system examines design drawings and technical documentation automatically. AI Review performs repetitive tasks that would otherwise be done by a human. This speeds up the process, reduces errors, and alleviates the stress in the review work.

According to Marcus Zwörner, product developer at Väderstad, AI Review adds extra quality and efficiency to the company’s drawing creation workflow.

– The collaboration with T&S has been fantastic. They understand the potential of their technology and are driven to succeed in their task, says Marcus.

We at T&S look forward to continuing our collaboration with Väderstad and helping to take their innovations to the next level. We continue to work on implementing even more checks in our AI review, so that the tool can provide even more suggestions on its own.

Images taken from Väderstad’s media database.